Lou Hillebrand: Farm Manager
Lou began her love for horse at a very early age.  She always wanted horses growing up so as soon as she found 20 beautiful acres she fulfilled her wish.  Lou became a midwife but continued to enjoy horses as a hobby.  Eventually Lou and husband, David had a daughter named Ella.  Ella loved horses as well and took to riding as soon as she could walk.  Ella and Lou continue to work with horses together at Wynfield Farm.
Ella Rukin:  Trainer
Ella has been involved with horses her entire life.  In fact her mother says her first word was horse.  She began her show career at the tender age of seven with trainer, Denna Johnson.  While with Denna, Ella competed at National Pony Finals five times, beginning at age 11.  She started, qualified and competed Lands End Mad Hatter at the 1997 Pony Finals - after which he was sold - and has since been one of the top 10 ponies in the country.
Ella moved on to the jumpers with mount, Airborne.  Ella and Airborne competed at the Washington International Horse Show in the Childrens/Adult  Jumpers and finished 16th.  They competed up to the 4'6" Junior Jumpers.  Ella rode at the Winter Equstrian Festival in Wellington with Ray Texel.  She has ridden in clinics with Buddy Brown, Lesie Lenohan, Frank Madden, and Micheal Matz.  In 2002 Ella traveled to Germany for three weeks to ride with a variety of trainers from all disciplines, most notably, German silver medallist, Walter Stein.
Upon returning to the states, Ella began her studies at the University of Florida, all the while continuing to train and show "greenies" at the local shows.  Ella is now a graduate of the University of Florida with a BS in education.  Ella is now satisfying her love of teaching through training at Wynfield Farm.  Ella has found that focusing on the elements of patience, balance, and rhythm is the key to her success as a trainer of both horse and rider.